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Your own personal spa, with custom, expert massage techniques, and state of the art equipment
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"I do a lot of contortion training and Jake is very good at helping with sore and torn muscles. I broke my collar bone recently and his messages help speed up the healing time."
          -Angel M
 "I have had back pain for about 5 years, and after my session it was the first time being pain free. I would highly recommend him to anybody...in fact, I'm bringing my mom in for a treatment today!"
          -Kim C
 "Jacob has a unique style that is effective. I suffer from migraines due to neck/spine issues and his methods relieve my pain, highly recommend."
          -David A
 "Had my first appointment with Jacob McDonough yesterday, and my back and shoulders feel better than they have in years. Seriously people the man is a miracle worker; go see him!! Thank you Jake!!"
          -Jillian C
"Jacob has been working on me for several months now. He's professional, friendly, has great bedside manner and most importantly, very knowledgable about the body. He seems to intuitively know what I need. His massages are therapeutic and really feel amazing. I have been dealing with an injury for a few months and Jacob has indispensable in alleviating tight muscles and reducing inflammation. I highly recommend Jacob."
           -Kerry S
"Seriously, THE BEST massage therapist I've ever had! Besides being a complete professional, he actually really cares about you and your health. It's obvious from the first meeting with him that he invests in his clients, takes the time to get to know you, your concerns, your expectations and he is in tune with your body and seems to know exactly what it needs. I've been to dozens of massage therapists in the last 30 years for relaxation as well as accident rehabilitation, Jake is a natural....plus, he's a pretty funny guy too. :)"
          -Sheila P
"I met Jake about six months ago when my body was desperately in need of some work. Since then I have seen Jake quite a few times and my body has started to realign and feel better. I've had plenty of massage in my 49 years and I would rate him is one of the top two best I've ever had. Very knowledgeable about the body and gets into those areas that are hard to fine. I'm happy to report that bi-monthly massages along with yoga have help to heal me. I highly recommend him!"
          -Kathy H
"Jacob was very welcoming when we first met. He really listened to what I had to say when describing what areas I needed work on.  He is  an excellent masseuse. He was able to allieviate most of my neck and lower back pain. He is incredibly knowledgable. I'm thrilled I found him. Your awesome Jacob!"

          -Brooke H